Haimer Tool Presetter


Manufacturer: Haimer

Type: UNO Premium

Model: UNO 20140

Max Tool Diameter: 400mm

Max  snap Gauge Tool Diameter: 100mm

Max Tool Length on Z-Axis: 400mm


  • Image processing system Microvision UNO
  • SK50 ultra-high precision spindle, manual
  • Manual fine adjustment of the C-Axis
  • Thermo-optimised material combination for better repeatability
  • 22″ touch screen
  • 4 × 90° and 3 x 120° indexing
  • Premium base cabinet incl. storage for six tools and adapters
  • Sigma function
  • Memory for 1.000 zero points, tools and tool lists
  • USB / LAN data output
  • Release-by-touch
  • Edgefinder
  • Label printer
  • Inspection light
  • ± 2 μm repeatability (0.00008”)

With services specialising across several of the most demanding industries including aerospace, rail and automotive, the strategic focus of Smiths Engineering is engraved in its commitment to continually meet the highest standards of precision and quality with every component produced.

In the face of increasing global competition, the company has continued to invest in its capabilities and positioned itself accordingly with the acquisition of a Haimer Microset Tool Presetter. The efficient tool presetting equipment optimises the company’s machining processes from the ground up. The added capability to take fast, precise and repeatable measurements for tools offline, streamlines tool setting processes, making it possible for operators to set tools while machines are still running, reducing idle time and increasing cost efficiency of the machine shop.

Utilising the highest standard of manual tool presetting, the company has gained improvements in tool life, better surface finishes, and increasing overall process reliability in production.