Haimer Shrink Fit


Manufacturer: Haimer

Type: UNO Premium

Model: UNO 20140

Tool Diameter: 3 – 32mm

Max Length of Shrink Fit Chuck: 570mm


  • With intelligent NG coil
  • Single chuck version
  • With integrated contact cooling

As part of the company’s continued commitment to investing in best practice and quality, Smiths Engineering have recently added a high performance toolholder and shrink-fit system, purchasing a Haimer Power Clamp shrink-fit machine.

The use of low cost, state-of-the-art coil technology increases flexibility and comfort to the process, whereby with just one turn, operators can set the coil to the size of the shrink fit chucks, both in length and diameter. Stop discs are no longer necessary.

The investment in the technology of the future has provided the company with better tool rigidity in the tool holder, ultimately producing a better finish on the job. It has afforded the company to achieve repeatable uniformity in tooling setup and equally consistent results in part size accuracy, surface finish and tool life.